Why Do More and More People Buy Water Softeners?

Water softeners are systems used in softening water by removing the minerals that make it hard. Hard water contains high levels of calcium and magnesium. This can cause many problems in a household that people may not be aware of.

Hard water can clog pipes, make it hard to dissolve soap and detergent, and leave water spots in surfaces. It causes scale buildup in pipes and water using appliances, which can make heaters less efficient. This requires more energy to be used, which results to an increase in energy costs.

Soap also becomes less effective when used with hard water because of its reaction to form the magnesium or calcium salt of the soap’s organic acid. When it is used in washing the skin, this usually becomes dry and itchy because of the soap scum. When hair is washed using hard water, it can become sticky and look dull. There are individuals who experience the effects of hard water while others may be used to the feel of their skin, hair, clothes and beddings after washing. It is very important to use softened water to protect the home and prolong the lifespan of pipes and appliances from clogging and scale buildup.

Water softeners can be used to treat hard water to minimize its negative effects. They are specific ion exchangers designed to remove positively charged ions. Anti-scale systems convert calcium ions into stable calcium crystals, which cannot adhere to surfaces, hardware, pipes and other fixtures.

Since the crystals are too small, they are easily rinsed away with water. These are neutral, harmless, heat resistant, and totally stable and will not adhere to heaters and pipes that can cause lime deposits.

Water that is treated using a water softener has a lot of benefits as compared to hard water that has not been treated:

Cleaner, shinier mirrors, glassware, silverware, cars, tiles and other plumbing fixtures
Softer, healthier looking skin and clean, smoother hair
Less soap curd makes it easier to clean and lessens housework
Less soap and shampoo used because of the rich lather produced by soap and softened water
Softer clothes since there are no hard minerals left in the fabric; clothes last longer while whites remain whiter since there are no more stains caused by hard water
Prolongs the life of water using appliances, which include dishwashers, water heaters, washing machines, coffee machines and ice makers
More savings on monthly electricity expenses and less/no damages caused to appliances